Multifreight, as part of ongoing awareness of modern materials and applications that reduce your costs and ensure speed and safety in loading, has made a new, dynamic and exclusive collaboration in the field of cargo protection and stowage products.

From 2013, we are the exclusive distributors of Slip Sheet products of Signode group, which is a world leader in storing products offering innovative solutions at all stages of cargo loading. The slip sheets are specially crafted Kraftliner papers and Testliner papers in multiple layers and replace the wooden pallet with which we can offer:

MultiSlip Sheets are produced from specially treated Kraftliner paper and Testliner paper in multiple layers that replaces the wooden pallet.

Slip-Sheet Advantages

  • Reduces storage - up to 200 slip sheets occupy the same space as one wooden pallet
  • Reduces the cost of handling pallets - pallet transport within a warehouse requires 4 or more lifts. With the same effort it takes to move 20 pallets, the driver can move 3000 to 4000 Slip-Sheets.
  • Significantly reduces the cost of transportation - A wooden pallet weighs at least as 20 Slip Sheets weigh and within the truck or container occupies space as 200 Slip-Sheets do!!!
  • Using Slip-Sheet to carry wood and vacuum we can transport more cargo because the weight of the pallets will be replaced with extra products. Furthermore, in lighter loads, the volume of transport is increased approximately by 10-15%.
  • Reduces the cost of buying pallets - the cost of buying Slip-Sheet is aliquot from the cost of a wooden pallet.
  • It is 100% recyclable
  • Available with different thickness and strengths according to your needs.
  • No need for disinfestation
  • Does not injure the packaging of the cargo due to protrusions, nails etc.
  • Can be combined with ordinary pallets in the warehouse
  • Suitable for frozen food.
  • Can be used as a base on a wooden pallet

Our company will supply all the materials and know-how, along with equipment such as Roller forks or Push Pull depending on your needs.



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